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Antonia Beach

    Antonia Beach is one of the beautiful destinations in the Gigantes Islands. Few tourists (and even some locals) know that the northern coastlines of Iloilo Province are dotted with beautiful white sand beaches. Antonia’s beautiful sand beach and clear, emerald waters are a major draw for visitors.

    The magnificent white sandbar of Antonia appears to form a little cape off the eastern coast of Gigantes Sur.

    Antonia Beach is the ideal location for tourists to go snorkeling, just like the Bantique sandbar. On the island-hopping tour, this beach is also the designated location for lunch. Additionally, there are tables and chairs set out near the beach under the coconut trees.

    This is the ideal location for taking a break and having lunch. Numerous restaurants serving fresh seafood, in particular scallops, can be found in this area. Scallops are a specialty dish at several of these eateries. In addition, you can get steamed crabs and oysters, which are referred to as wasay-wasay in the local language.

    An intriguing, extended rock formation acts as a natural wave breaker at the point. Due to its look, it is often referred to as Sandwich Island.

    The primary departure point for trips to Isla de Gigantes Sur is the port of Estancia. Depending on weather conditions and the speed of the boat, travel time from Estancia Port to Brgy. Lantangan is generally about 2 hours, and from there, it’s another 30 minutes to Antonia Beach.

    The water is azure, and the beach has coarse sand that is cream colored. You can also climb the rock formations here to get a better view of the area. On Gigantes island, this is the best location for snorkeling that you can find. In the event that you did not remember to bring your own snorkeling equipment with you, you will be able to rent goggles for ₱45 and snorkeling gear for ₱100.

    The low prices of the island’s seafood are another reason why Antonia is so well-known. You can splurge on scallops at a cost of 1 per piece, and rocky oysters at a cost of 200 for a strainer.

    Camping and staying here for the night are both permitted uses of this area. At a cost of 250 for each individual, you can rent a tent that includes both foam and a mattress. There is also the option of staying in a fan room that is housed in nipa huts, which costs 800 per night for two people and 1,200 for four people. 

    A charge of ₱40 is required as entrance fee.


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    Antonia Beach
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    Antonia Beach Camping

      Guests of Gigantes will be missing out on a crucial part of the Gigantes experience if they do not stay at Antonia Beach for both sunrise and sunset. Tents are set almost directly facing the setting sunset. Despite the fact that the sunset was obscured by the mainland of Gigantes Sur, it was still a breathtaking show. It is possible to see the sunrise from the opposite bank in the morning, which is only a few steps away from where the tents are located.

      Guests have the option of spending the night camping in Gigantes Sur as an alternative to staying in one of the resorts located in Gigantes Norte. Campers who bring their own tents are exempt from the P100 to P150 per person per night fee that is normally assessed. Guests who do not bring their own tents have the option of renting one of the island’s approximately five or more available tents for the night at a cost of P200 per person.

      The entrance charge of P50 is required of day tourists who wish to visit Antonia Beach during their stay in the Philippines. If you are staying at one of the resorts in Gigantes Norte, Antonia Beach is a well-known place to stop for lunch when island hopping. The majority of tourists would arrive in the morning, eat lunch on the island, and then depart immediately after lunch. When compared to other islands, Antonia Beach provides tourists with grilling and barbecue spaces that are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. These places are often utilized by boatmen and guides to prepare lunch for their guests. In addition, tables and chairs have been set beneath the coconut palms that line the beach.

      The typical fare for lunch at Antonia Beach includes squid, crab, oysters, scallops, and wasay-wasay, which happens to be one of my particular favorites.
      The wasay-wasay has the appearance of an oyster but is a different color and has a different shape. In most cases, these seafood are obtained from surrounding the island as well as from the islands that are nearby.

      Tents at Antonia Beach offer a level of spaciousness that is unexpected. The tents are available in a variety of sizes, but the largest ones have enough room inside to accommodate five or six people in addition to your large camping gear bags. The tent also has sufficient headroom, allowing guests who are shorter than 6 feet to stand up within the tent without difficulty. Because the tents are set along the beach, you will have a magnificent view of the water as well as the Bantigue sandbar, which is located in the vicinity. Additionally, it almost completely faces west, providing you with an excellent view of the setting sunset.

      Due to the fact that there is only one restroom and one toilet, you will need to wait in line. There is also fresh water for bathing that costs between P25 and P35 per gallon.
      The beach at Antonia is not just known for its soft, fluffy white sand, which makes it an excellent spot for swimming. There are coral reefs that are teeming with marine life just a few steps away from the sandy area of the beach. You can go snorkeling with little more than a mask, a snorkel, and a pair of fins; there is no further equipment required.
      The one and only sari-sari shop located in close proximity to the shore offers snorkeling equipment for rent at a cost of only P50 per set.

      The area of Antonia Beach is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs. Because corals tend to grow in seas with shallow depths, you must take care not to step on them. You had better be careful not to destroy the homes of the many fish that make their home in these corals.

      If you find yourself getting restless while relaxing on the beach, you may rent a beach volleyball for a fee from the same sari-sari store that provides snorkeling equipment rentals. The rent every month is P50. Playing beach volleyball with your traveling companions is one of the most enjoyable things you can do.

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