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Gigantes Island Accommodations

Accommodations in Gigantes Island

    The municipality of Carles, which is located in the province of Iloilo, is home to the island group known as the Islas de Gigantes. Because you will already be in the municipality that hosts the well-known Gigantes Island when you stay in Carles, it is the ideal location from which to explore the island of Gigantes.

    The majority of the available lodging in Carles is of the more affordable variety. On Gigantes Norte, where the majority of the island’s accommodations are located, visitors who are contented with basic lodging will find the greatest concentration of budget travelers. On Antonia Beach and Cabugao Gamay Island, some budget travelers enjoy staying in tent accommodations. Visitors with a sense of adventure might even try to set up a tent homestay in Gigantes Sur.

    Those who are interested in making use of the numerous conveniences and amenities that can be found in urban areas have the option of reserving a room at a hotel that is located in either Iloilo City or Roxas City.

    Iloilo City is situated approximately 143 kilometers away from Bancal Port, which functions as the entry point to Gigantes Island. A distance of approximately 77 kilometers separates Bancal Port and Roxas City. Therefore, the travel time will take longer if you stay in Iloilo City rather than in Roxas City. The travel time from Roxas City is approximately 1.5 hours. Both of these cities have a lot to offer visitors.

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    Accommodations in Carles

    Solina Beach & Nature Resort, Ludy’s 2 Pension House, and Huni Sicogon are located in Carles, Iloilo.

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    Gigantes Island

      Even if you’ve been to other prominent Philippine islands like Boracay and Palawan (San Vicente/Long Beach, El Nido, Coron, Port Barton, and Puerto Princesa), you absolutely must make a journey to Islas de Gigantes (also called “Isla Gigantes Island” or “Gigantes Island”).

      The municipality of Carles in the beautiful province of Iloilo hosts the island of Gigantes.

      Craggy rock formations, long stretches of white sand, and turquoise waters are some of the appealing features of Gigantes, which visitors will undoubtedly admire once they arrive.

      Along with other wonderful islets like the Cabugao Gamay, Pulupandan, Bantigue Sandbar, and Antonia Beach, it is also composed of the two large islands of Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte.

      There are many activities to do here, including visiting a stroll along the beach, strolling island hopping, seeing the antique lighthouse, and taking in the spectacular 360-degree sea panorama. Additionally, you may do swimming, caving, and spelunking.

      Wide sandbars, white sand beaches, and stunning rock formations, can all be found in Islas de Gigantes, which is just off the coast of mainland Iloilo. The Islas de Gigantes, a popular island to visit while in Iloilo, is allegedly where the skeletons of giant humans were discovered.

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