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Cabugao Gamay Island

    The island of Cabugao Gamay, which is known as the “Icon of Isla de Gigantes,” is likely the most photographed island in the Gigantes Sur province. When you first arrive at the island, the first things you will notice are its distinctive shape, its powdery white sand, and the thriving coconut trees that are lined up against the blue skies.

    The islands in Gigantes each have their own distinct shape, which I haven’t seen in any of the other beach islands I’ve visited. It appears as though Cabugao Gamay is composed of two islands, with one being significantly larger than the other. In the middle, there is a sandbar that separates the two areas. Antonia Beach has a shape quite similar to that of Santa Monica, but it is far larger. In contrast to Antonia Beach, Cabugao Gamay has excellent swimming locations on both sides of the beach, with one side facing the sunrise and the other side facing the sunset.

    Tourists can obtain a bird’s-eye view of the island from the view deck, which is housed in one of the two large boulders of rocks on the property.

    The ascent to the top should take no more than a minute or two. Following the installation of wooden railings and multiple wooden floors specifically for tourists, climbing has become significantly less difficult. The viewing view is not very large, therefore it can only accommodate a limited number of tourists at any given moment. Because there is only one location where photos may be taken, you will have to wait until the other tourists have finished having their iconic pictures shot before you can take your own.

    Even if you don’t get it all the way to the top of the climb, the view is still quite breathtaking. The sand in Cabugao Gamay is extremely fine and appears almost blindingly white when viewed in the midday sun. Your selfie will be picture-perfect because of the way the foliage contrasts with the blue sky and the blue-green waves, as well as the boats that highlight the shore.


    • Before you go to the island, please take note of the following important information:
    • Do not be scared to climb the ascent to the observation platform. When viewed from this vantage view, the scenery is breathtaking.
    • Bring along a sturdy set of shoes or boots. It is recommended that you bring a sturdy set of slippers or booties with you because you will be climbing over rocks made of limestone.
    • Don’t forget to bring your sun protection, whether it be sunglasses, a hat, or sunblock.
    • If you intend to swim on the island, don’t forget to bring your underwater camera with you. Because the water is so transparent, this might be the best place to take an underwater selfie.
    • Due to the fact that this region of Cabugao Gamay is remote and nearly devoid of inhabitants, you should not anticipate being able to do anything other than lounge, loiter, swim, snorkel, relax, daydream, and think deeply.


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    Island of Cabugao Gamay

      A visit to Gigantes is not truly worthwhile until it includes at least one island hopping experience so you can explore some of the incredible and breathtaking islands.

      The island of Cabugao Gamay, more commonly referred to as Selfie Island, is one that receives the greatest photographic attention. The stunning island is famous for its distinctive shape, which is covered in a bounty of plants and impressive rock formations. It has dunes that are completely pristine and white, water that is turquoise, and extraordinary rock formations.

      Most of the Islas Gigantes’ popular photos that you will see online were taken on the beautiful island of Cabugao Gamay. Head over to the island’s man-made view deck if you want a picture with the bird’s-eye perspective.

      A 50 entrance fee is required to enjoy this stunning island.

      The powdery white island is Gigantes island’s poster boy. It is the one with the limestone cliff on the left side overlooking the palm tree-punctuated sand with a backdrop of a forest-fringed hill on the other side of the island.

      At this location, tourists have the opportunity to climb up the limestone cliff using the stairs, which rewards them with a breathtaking panorama of the island below. A collection of zen stones can also be found strewn about the shore. It is recommended that travelers come here because the water is so incredibly clear, and this is the kind of laid-back beach that vacationers adore.

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