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Accommodations in Gigantes Island

Gigantes Island Accommodations


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Gigantes Island Accommodations

Isla Gigantes Accommodations

    Islas de Gigantes can be found in the municipality of Carles, which is part of the province of Iloilo. Carles is the perfect place while visiting Gigantes Island because you are already in the Municipality where the famous Gigantes Island is located.

    The majority of Carles’ lodging options are more budget-type. Most of the accommodations on Gigantes Island are on Gigantes Norte, attracting most backpackers who are happy with simple accommodations. Some backpackers love tent-style accommodations on Antonia Beach and Cabugao Gamay Island. Adventuresome visitors might even arrange a homestay in Gigantes Sur.

    Those who would like to take advantage of the many amenities and comforts offered by city areas have the option of reserving a room at a hotel located either in Iloilo City or Roxas City.

    Iloilo City, on the other hand, is located approximately 143 kilometers away from Bancal Port, which serves as the gateway to Gigantes Island. Roxas City is located approximately 77 kilometers away.

    The travel time from Roxas City is around 1.5 hours, and it will take longer if you stay in Iloilo City, which would cut into the amount of time that could have been spent island hopping. However, if travelers want to get the most out of their time in the cities in the Visayas area, they should consider booking a hotel either in Roxas City or Iloilo City.

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    Accommodations in Carles

    Solina Beach & Nature Resort, Ludy’s 2 Pension House, and Huni Sicogon are located in Carles, Iloilo.

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    Gigantes Island

      Even if you’ve been to other famous islands in the Philippines like Boracay and Palawan (El Nido, Coron, Port Barton, San Vicente/Long Beach, and Puerto Princesa), you should still go to Gigantes Island at least once (officially called “Islas de Gigantes” and generally referred to as “Gigantes Island” or “Islas Gigantes”).
      The islands of Gigantes is located in the municipality of Carles, which is part of the province of Iloilo.

      Some of the alluring characteristics of the location, such as its expansive stretches of white sand, craggy rock formations, and turquoise waters, will definitely be admired by guests after they have arrived at the destination.

      It is made up of the two big islands of Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur, as well as a number of other beautiful islets and smaller islands like Cabugao Gamay, Bantigue Sandbar, and Antonia Beach.

      There is a wide variety of things to see and do in this area, including going for a walk on the beach, going island hopping, checking out the historic lighthouse, and taking in the spectacular view of the sea from all 360 degrees. Additionally, you may do swimming, caving, and spelunking.

      Isla Gigantes is located just a short distance off the coast of Iloilo, and it is home to a number of breathtaking rock formations, powdery white sand beaches, and expansive sandbars. It is said that the skeletons of gigantic humans were found on the island of Isla Gigantes, which is now a renowned tourist destination in the province of Iloilo.

      Gigantes Island
      Islas de Gigantes

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