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Where to Stay in Gigantes?


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Islas de Gigantes Guide

Staying in Gigantes

    The main attractions of Islas de Gigantes require at least a day to enjoy and explore. Depending on your preferences and budget range, Carles offers a variety of accommodations, from budget accommodations to standard hotels. However, to minimize the hassle and have more time for fun, it is good to stay in an accommodation that offers and operates an island hopping tour.

    Mundo Gigantes Hostel, in Carles, Iloilo, is close to Bancal Port – the primary gateway to Gigantes Island. What’s more interesting with it is it offers island-hopping packages, and one of its owners belong to the family that owns the most iconic attraction in Gigantes, the Cabugao Gamay.

    You can always get a hotel or resort close to Islas de Gigantes, especially if you intend to stay on the islands for a few more days.

    Some tourists set up tents on one of Antonia Beach’s two beaches, a popular lunch spot for guests on island hopping tours. In contrast, others prefer to stay in the city, but they have to allocate ample time for travel from the town proper to Carles, where Gigantes Island is located.

    Islas de Gigantes
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    Islas de Gigantes

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