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Wanna experience a laid back beach lifestyle? Come and see the beautiful and stunning islands of the Gigantes group of islands. A landscape of enchantment that’s surrounded by breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal clear water all around. What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and travel to these islands of paradise, the Gigantes group of islands. A surreal place where you can see the usual tropical scenes of this country plus a stunning limestone rock formation. I am sure you will add this to your Bucket list as the place to be for your next holiday. Most are not aware that this beautiful group of islands exist because it’s not a usual tourist destination. However, as time goes by, Gigantes group of islands will be getting the attention it deserves. A precious hidden gem of the Province of Iloilo, and indeed another precious gem of this beautiful country – the Philippines. Come now and be the one of the first to experience the true undeveloped beauty at its BEST…

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