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2023 Gigantes Island tour Packages

Gigantes Island Tour Package 2023


Joiners’ Package

Island Tour
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Gigantes Island

Island Hopping

    Generally, here are the inclusions of island hopping packages in Gigantes Island:

    • Island hopping
    • lunch overload (with “unli” scallops)
    • tour guide
    • entrance fees
    • environmental fee

    Tour Packages


      You have the option of purchasing the Joiners’ Package, which entails sharing the boat with other joiners, or visitors, so that while you are having fun island hopping, you also have the opportunity to meet people who are traveling from various parts of the world and learn about their traditions.


          The Gigantes’ Private Tour is a good option for you if you are traveling with your family, with a special someone, or simply with a large group of people (at least 15 people). You will have the opportunity to share the memorable moments of your island-hopping adventure with the individuals who are most important to you.


              There is a Day Tour Package that will take you from Iloilo to Gigantes for island hopping and bring you back on the same day whether you will be traveling via Iloilo International Airport or merely staying in Iloilo City. This package is available to you if you will be staying in Iloilo City. It is convenient, and you do not need to worry about missing the transport timetable.

              Those who want a vacation that is entirely free of stress may consider purchasing this package.

              Remember that to participate in the Gigantes Joiners’ Trip or the Gigantes Private Tour; you will need to arrive in Carles at the beginning of the day of your tour. Because of the length of the travel time and the restricted boat schedule, you will need to carefully plan your trip in order to reach Gigantes. However, if you go on the Iloilo-Gigantes Tour, virtually everything will be taken care of for you. You have nothing more to do than kick back, relax, and take in the sights.

              Gigantes Island

                The Province of Iloilo is home to the Dinagyang Festival, La Paz batchoy noodles, Jaro Cathedral, and the stunning Gigantes Islands.

                Officially named Islas de Gigantes, Gigantes Island is a must-see for any traveler, especially those who have already visited Boracay, El Nido, Coron, Port Barton, San Vicente/Long Beach, and Puerto Princesa.

                Gigantes is located in Carles, a municipality in Iloilo.

                Visitors will love the destination’s pristine beaches, jagged rock formations, and blue waters. Along with Cabugao Gamay, Pulupandan, Bantigue Sandbar, and Antonia Beach, it includes Gigantes Norte and Sur.

                Gigantes Island offers beach walks, island hopping, a historic lighthouse, and a 360-degree sea panorama, among others. You can do swimming, caving, and spelunking.


                  CABUGAO GAMAY

                  The island destination of Cabugao is stunning. Two rocky outcroppings distinguish its setting, joined together by a narrow “sandbar” that juts into the water. “Gamay” comes from the local language meaning “small.” The small shape of the island, with spectacular rock formations on one end, and lush vegetation on the other, has made it famous, not just among the locals.
                  The overwhelming majority of tourists to Cabugao Gamay are island hoppers and day trippers.

                  For a true island escape, you can either swim in the turquoise seas or just rest on the white sandbar in the middle of the island. The beach is studded with palm trees, providing much-appreciated shade throughout the middle of the day.

                  The shot of Gigantes that was taken from the viewpoint of the island will always be the one that is the most recognizable to visitors. At the top of the short but steep bamboo stairway, you can take in some of the most famous views in the area.

                  The spot on Cabugao Gamay, referred to as “selfie island,” attracts a large number of tourists every day because it is an ideal vantage point from which to capture stunning photographs of the island and the area around it.

                  Tangke Lagoon

                  You’ve found the natural pool that Gigantes Island conceals behind its towering limestone cliffs. The water is as brilliantly turquoise as that in the lagoons of El Nido and Coron on the island of Palawan.

                  Bantigue Island/Sandbar

                  Bantigue Island is another fantastic spot for swimming and sunbathing, thanks to its long, white sandbar.

                  Antonia Beach

                  This is a stunning beach where some large stones appear to have been heaped on top of each other along the beach coastlines, making this island easy to recognize.

                  Pulo Pandan

                  A solitary coconut tree marks the geographic center of Pulupandan Islet. Although this islet is a bit rough, its surrounding area is beautiful.

                  Hidden Beach

                  The white sands of this tranquil area have been compared to those of Boracay Island, from which its name derives. There are small cliffs at the beach that drop out into the pristine waters.

                  Mini Boracay

                  Mini Boracay is a small beach with soft, fine sand that has earned the nickname from the locals. About 30 square meters of sand is all that’s available, making this literally “mini” in every sense of the word. Nevertheless, despite being small, the locals take small pride in this little white sandy beach.

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                  Gigantes Island
                  Islas de Gigantes

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