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Gigantes Island

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    What are the things that visitors to Gigantes are most encouraged to do?

    On Gigantes Island, two of the most popular things to do are to visit the nearby caves and islands as well as to go island hopping.

    Take a tour that takes you from island to island to see the beautiful beaches and islands. Without seeing one, your vacation to Gigantes just isn’t complete. In order to get the most out of the journey, you should plan to spend at least one day seeing the primary sights. These include Cabugao Gamay Island, Tangke, Antonia Beach, Bantigue Island, and Pawikan Cave.

    Gigantes Islands, also known as Islas de Gigantes, are a group of islands that can be found in the northern portion of the municipality of Carles. It is a network of islands that is known for its beaches with white sand, water that is clear blue, and rocky formations that are jagged. In addition to this, the inhabitants are famed for their warm hospitality, and the seafood, particularly scallops, is practically infinite.

    There are ten individual islands that make up the Gigantes Archipelago. There are a number of smaller islands and an islet in addition to the two larger islands. This includes Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur, as well as Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Island, and Bantigue Sand Bar, amongst others.

    It is reported that the Gigantes Islands earned their name from the enormous human bones that were discovered in coffins inside Bakwitan Cave in Gigantes Norte.

    Bakwitan Cave

    Gigantes Island Attractions Bakwitan Cave₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Bakwitan The Bakwitan Cave features expansive cavern and rock formations that resemble wings, crosses, and even a shark once you've inside. This ancient cave...


    Gigantes Island Attractions Lighthouse₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Gigantes Ligthouse The North Gigantes Island Lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the sea. A visit to the Lighthouse will seem like traveling back in time...

    Hidden Beach

    Gigantes Island Attractions Hidden Beach₱999 Joiners' Package BEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILO Tourist Destinations Hidden Beach This location, formerly known as Isla Bonita, gives guests a stunning view of the islets and a serene atmosphere. OTHER ATTRACTIONS Antonia...

    Bantigue Island & Sandbar

    Gigantes Island Attractions Bantigue Island & Sandbar₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Bantigue Island Bantigue Island is the ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors noted that Bantigue offers breathtaking sunset...

    Cabugao Gamay

    Gigantes Island Attractions Cabugao Gamay₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Cabugao Gamay Island The island of Cabugao Gamay, which is known as the "Icon of Isla de Gigantes," is likely the most photographed island in the Gigantes Sur...

    Pandan Islet

    Gigantes Island Attractions Pandan Islet₱999 Joiners' Package BEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILO Tourist Destinations Pulo Pandan A breathtaking sunset view may be seen right at Pandan Islet, which is locally called "Pulupandan" or "Pulo Pandan." This is the first island...

    Antonia Beach

    Gigantes Island Attractions Antonia Beach₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Antonia Beach Antonia Beach is one of the beautiful destinations in the Gigantes Islands. Few tourists (and even some locals) know that the northern...

    Tangke Lagoon

    Gigantes Island Attractions Tangke Lagoon₱999 Joiners' PackageBEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILOTourist Destinations Tangke Lagoon The municipality of Carles in the province of Iloilo is endowed with two significant lagoons in addition to the limestone karsts that are...

    Pawikan Cave

    Gigantes Island Attractions Pawikan Cave₱999 Joiners' Package BEST THINGS TO DO IN ILOILO Tourist Destinations Pawikan Cave When in Carles, Iloilo, don’t miss out on seeing Pawikan Cave. The cave’s entrance opens into a massive cavern welcoming the visitors entering...

    Travel Tips

    • The summer months are ideal for trips to this location. Be mindful, though, that this is the busiest time of the year. You are welcome to visit during the summer months as well, provided the weather is agreeable. In the event that there are typhoons, it is possible that island hopping tours will be canceled, and some places, such as Tangke Lagoon, may become inaccessible.
    • Booking a pre-arranged island hopping tour is the least time-consuming and most convenient way to see the islands. This way, you won’t have to bother about making arrangements for the boat, getting food, or finding a place to enjoy so you can focus on enjoying the trip instead. In addition, as a result of increased competition, the prices have been brought down to a level that even tourists on a tight budget can consider acceptable.
    • Island hopping in the Gigantes Islands is a fantastic experience for tourists of all stripes, whether they are venturing there alone or as part of a larger group.
    • The Gigantes Islands are quickly gaining a reputation as the world’s leading scallop producer. The price of a piece of scallop in this location is only P1, making them a very affordable food option. Meals provided by tour companies often include a variety of seafood dishes, such as scallops, native oysters known as wasay-wasay, and more. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy delicious, freshly caught fish, regardless of whether you’re going the do-it-yourself route or going on a tour.

    Cabugao Gamay Island

      The island resort of Cabugao is a beautiful location to visit. It is characterized by two rocky outcroppings linked by a thin beach, resembling a sandbar, that protrudes into the water at its location. The name “Gamay” originated from the local language, which means “little.” The compact shape of the island, with rich flora on one end and stunning rock formations on the other, has contributed to its notoriety beyond the local community.

      The vast majority of the island’s visitors are day trippers and island-hoppers.

      For a true island vacation, seek a sandbar in the azure waves or unwind on the stretch of white turquoise that runs through the island’s middle.
      The beach is dotted with palm trees, which provide much-needed shade during the day.

      The photograph taken from the island’s highest point will forever be the most recognizable image of Gigantes. At the summit of the extremely brief but quite steep bamboo ladder, you may view some well-known panoramas.

      The location on Cabugao Gamay, known as “selfie island,” is frequented daily by a large number of tourists because it is an exceptional vantage point from which to take photographs of the island and its surroundings.

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