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Tangke Lagoon

    The municipality of Carles in the province of Iloilo is endowed with two significant lagoons in addition to the limestone karsts that are reminiscent of El Nido. Due to the fact that these islands have only just begun to attract tourists, there is a large number of uncharted locations waiting to be discovered. The most beautiful and well-known lagoon is the Tangke Salt Water Lagoon, which can be found in Gigantes Sur.

    Climbing over rocks made of limestone, which can be extremely difficult at times, is one of the activities that visitors must complete in order to climb the Tangke. Your boatman will be there to lend a helping hand, and only recently, parts of the rocks have been cemented to make it simpler and safer to step on them.

    The water has a bluish-green color, and its shade can shift depending on the tide, going from greener to bluer. When the tide is low, the water has a more vibrant green color, but as it rises, the color shifts to a more cyan hue.

    It gets to the point that you can jump in from the limestone cliffs that surround it. As the afternoon progresses and the weather cools off, the water temperature continues to rise as well.

    You are welcome to go down to the waters of Tangke to snap some photos and swim around a little bit. You can also remain atop the limestone karsts in order to take photos and appreciate the view from the peak.

    The limestone karsts that go down to the sea make for an excellent backdrop for cliff jumping.

    It was a really strenuous climb to get to the jump off point because it was steep and the rocks were very uneven, but it was not impossible to do. The jump was well over thirty feet, and the sea below is so clear, so peaceful, and so alluring.

    Behind the towering cliffs of Islas de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo, lies the natural saltwater pool called Tangke Lagoon. It attracts tourists and locals alike in Carles, Iloilo, for the cool shallow waters and picturesque rock formations.

    This destination is well-known for its famous rock formation and a bathing hole with shallow seas. It basically has the appearance of an enchanted pool and is highly Instagrammable. The space between the stones that form an aperture gave the place the literal name “tangke,” or tank, according to the locals.

    The Tangke Saltwater Lagoon is one more location that looks great in photographs and is a great option for photographers. It is a sheltered lagoon that is encircled on all sides by rock formations and provides a place to swim that has waters that are both clear and shallow. It is recommended that you come here during week days to avoid the crowds. Weekends and holidays are likely to have more people out than other times.

    Tangke is in Carles, the northernmost town of Iloilo, on Gigantes South (also called Isla Gigantes Sur). South Gigantes can be accessed from the port of Estancia, where tourists can charter a pump boat (motorized banca). Depending on the speed of the boat and the weather conditions, it will take you roughly an hour and a half to get there.

    The sights and sounds of Tangke Lagoon seems like some of the attractions in Coron, El Nido, and Caramoan. The water in the lagoon is a gorgeous blend of green and turquoise, and the towering karts provide the perfect backdrop.

    Be very careful if you want to take photos on Gigantes island and fly your drone there because you could collide with the go-karts if you’re not paying attention.

    The entrance fee is ₱20.



    Before you travel to the lagoon, I want to make sure you are aware of the following vital details:

    Bring a sturdy pair of shoes with you. It is recommended that you bring a strong pair of slippers or booties with you because you will be climbing over limestone karts.

    When the tide is high, the lagoon has an appearance that is more pleasing to the eye. Swimming in seas that are deeper seems to be more enjoyable overall. You should bring with the boatman about taking you to the lagoon while the tide is high.

    Please don’t forget to bring your cameras with you. When climbing over large rocks, it is possible that DSLR cameras will be too cumbersome to bring along due to their weight or size. If you have a GoPro, you should definitely use that.

    Climbing over the rocks shouldn’t be something you’re terrified of doing. When viewed from this vantage point, the scenery is breathtaking.

    It’s your call, but feel free to jump from the cliff. You won’t find yourself in a setting like this every day.


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