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  • The tour was fantastic in overall; during the course of it, we visited to a number of locations, including a sandbar, beach, and lagoon (my favorite was Cabugao Gamay). The crabs were cooked to perfection, and there were plenty of scallops and prawns to choose from during lunch. The boat we were given was satisfactory, and the people working on it were friendly. It was well worth the price, considering what we paid on it.


  • It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited. The water is quite clean. The view is very stunning. The experience in its entirety is very awesome. A must!


  • I had a great time traveling to all of the islands during our island-hopping vacation. The natural nature is amazing. The beaches are incredibly beautiful, and the view was unlike anything else I’ve seen. I had a good time during our stay.


  • We enjoyed a variety of islands such as Antonia Point, Bantigue Sandbar, and Maruja Floras Island, and despite the fact that Tangke Lagoon is undergoing restoration, we still had a good time on the islands. They served us a lot of fresh scallops, fish, and chicken for lunch, and you could order fresh coconut juice and add more varieties of seafood for an additional price. The lunch was primarily composed of seafood. In general, I had a great time on the short vacation I took over the weekend.


  • We chartered a private boat, and the experience was every bit as exciting as it is in the movies. Since we arrived so early, well before the public boats, we practically had the entire island to ourselves. If you have the chance to go, you shouldn’t let it pass through your fingers.


  • We had a great place there. We had a wonderful time on the tour, which cost us $999 apiece and included a nearly infinite supply of scallops for lunch. People who love using Instagram as a platform for sharing their photos will find that this is a great app. The boat ride, on the other hand, was nerve-wracking and exhilarating owing to the scary waves that were there. The scenery was really peaceful. This Giants Island Tour was really enjoyable for us overall.


  • Breathtaking views, especially from up high, and we can’t wait to explore more of this island on our next visit.


  • These clusters of islands are simply beautiful in their natural setting. The price of the island-hopping tour starts at P999 for each individual person. This price includes lunch on one of the islands, which consists of a substantial portion of scallops. You are able to place an order for lunch consisting of additional seafood products such as shrimp or additional scallops; however, it is recommended that you place this order in advance, particularly if you desire lobster. When placing extra orders for seafood, you need to make sure you verify the price beforehand. The people who run the tours are quite pleasant and accommodating.


  • It took us one and a half hours to get here. Amazing and breathtaking in their beautiful splendor were the islands. I really hope that the locals would maintain it clean.


  • These islands are beautiful in every way. Antonia Island and the Lagoon were some of our favorites there (if you get there early enough). It is highly recommended that you shell out the additional cash for a private boat because the experience will be well worth it. Due to the fact that we arrived on the islands before the group boats, we were free to spend as much time as we liked there. Take along some refreshing water and a video camera; you’ll want to remember this place in your memory.


  • Aside from the natural beauty that the island and the islands that surround it have to offer, the thing that astounds me the most is the fact that locally farmed scallops can be purchased for only one peso each, which is an unbelievably cheap price. In addition, there is a wide variety of seafood that can be purchased at prices that are not prohibitive while still maintaining its high time. The locals are really friendly, and you shouldn’t miss out on seeing the sights.


  • The view from that vantage point was just fantastic! It feels like you’re standing in the middle of a postcard. Relaxing and thinking about how amazing life is while taking some time to enjoy it is, without a doubt, one of life’s finest pleasures. Amazing!


  • We have been island hopping in Palawan, both in the Puerto Princesa area and in the El Nido area; nonetheless, this location is also extremely good and has its own charm and character. During the time that we were there, there were not a lot of people there, and there were even moments when it appeared that we were the only ones there. It seems like business picks up during certain times of the year or throughout particular seasons. We also had a wonderful time having lunch on one of the islands, where we indulged in some excellent grilled seafood, such as scallops still in their shells and oysters from the area. If you live outside of the country and are thinking about visiting here, the best location to go is from the beginning of January to the middle of March. During these times, the weather is early and you can avoid the crowds. To anyone planning travel, I wholeheartedly recommend adding this place to the itinerary.


  • Very nice place. I decided to go island hopping, so I made reservations for a day tour. Great lunch with an unending supply of steamed scallops


  • The Gigantes Islands close to Sicogon is the favorite location for a traditional lunch of fresh seafood among the locals as well as the tourists arriving from Metro Manila and other parts of the Visayas. The Gigantes Islands give the impression of being a single island when viewed from a distance. When you arrive, you will be surprised to see two islands: Bantigue, which is where the eateries are, and Antonia, which is where you can climb up the cliff to take some pictures of the lovely scenery. Everyone who dined there enjoyed a really unusual lunch. The most well-liked dishes included steamed scallops, oysters, crabs, fresh saltwater fish, sea urchins, and a wide variety of other favorite specialties that could only be found in these eateries. On that picture-perfect Saturday spent island hopping in the Gigantes Islands, the activity was perfect with clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and placid waters.


  • Because I had never been to Iloilo before and the trip there was significantly discounted, I decided to go there. I have been aware of the Gigantes Islands for quite some time, but no one seemed overly enthusiastic about them, and as a result, I anticipated nothing more than the usual island hopping experience, complete with beaches of the same white color. However, as soon as our tour boat pulled up to the first island, I was taken aback by how beautiful and breathtaking the scenery is. There is a possibility that these islands will approach the stunning beauty of Palawan’s islands.


  • We hope to visit Isla Gigantes while we are in Iloilo, which is one of the reasons we want to go there. It was a breathtaking scene to take in. First stop, Cabugao Gamay. It was really interesting to witness the rock formations that, according to them, were made by visitors. I was under the impression that in order to get a good view of the entire island, I would need to climb a very tall mountain. But I was incorrect; there are only fifty steps between me and the top of the staircase, and I can see the entire island. It was just beautiful! I adore it. Perfect! The Antonia Island Resort is the next stop we visit. You will be able to get lunch that is both good and cheap here! I’m not kidding. A scallop can be purchased for one peso (P1.00) per piece. You did get it properly the first time! The food was wonderful in this world! Fresh and prepared to a high standard. You will, of course, be able to eat the food that is sold along the beach. Once more, perfect! The next stop that we will visit is the Tangke Saltwater Lagoon. It was just beautiful. Crystal-clear and ice-cold water is Amazing to behold. The Bantigue Sandbar will be the fourth and last stop. Even though it was after ten, you will still be able to make out the sandbar. Lovely. Sicogon comes in last. A nice beach. I really enjoy being there. It’s very quiet. Perfect for unwinding and relaxing. In general, it was an absolutely amazing trip!


  • Even though it was only a daylong tour, we had a good fun island hopping about Gigantes. W We were disappointed that it was only a day trip because the boat was scheduled to stay at three in the afternoon. We wanted to stay longer, but the boat was scheduled to leave at three in the afternoon. It was just a quick tour for the day. We wanted we could have stayed longer, but the boat was scheduled to leave at 3 in the afternoon, so it was just a day tour. We really wanted to extend our stay, but the boat had to leave at three in the afternoon. Therefore, I strongly recommend every traveler to stay at least one night here. You are going to have a wonderful time due to the picturesque location. The seafood is of excellent quality, especially the scallops, which are a personal favorite of mine.


  • This beach location has been our favorite pick of all we’ve tried so far (post-Boracay commercialization). The waters are completely transparent. When you put one foot in front of the other in the water, you won’t be surprised off guard by unexpected drops in the sand. Food is priced at prices that are quite affordable (too reasonably priced, even). I believe that they have some room for future adjustment in order to achieve better earnings. But considering the amount of work that goes into gathering and preparing the food, not to mention the large amount that is produced and the deliciousness of it, the locals truly deserve it. During the course of this trip, we provided a very significant tip. Additionally, the boatmen who assisted us throughout this trip were top-notch individuals. Thank you for your service, Captain Robert Mahinay! (Aryas Amigos). There is no doubt that I will return. Absolutely adore, adore, adore this location! I really hope that preservation efforts and regulatory safeguards would be put into place as quickly as possible.


  • This group of islands is absolutely breathtaking, and it won’t be long before it’s recognized as a popular location for vacationers. When I visited, I was the only person from the rest on the tour; the others were all locals of the area. Bantigue Sandbar, Tanke, and Cabugao Camay were the places that were visited during this trip.


  • My second visit to the beautiful Isla Gigante… When I thought of stepping foot on this island, I experienced the same terrible feeling. We had a week-long Bible school for children and mothers, and then we began to treat ourselves to the much-anticipated island hopping. We had a great time on our one-day tour, and we had a wonderful time overall. We stayed at a friend’s house on Isla Gigante Sur. We had a week-long Bible school for children and mothers. White sand and clear water that will definitely make you come back and stay for a long time… island hopping is a beautiful experience, and you will be amazed at how awesome these islands are… we enjoyed swimming and playing in the sun… we went near the rugged and rocky mountains we passed on our way to other islands and were amazed by the form and structures hewn by time and tide…


  • It was well worth the time and trip. I never in my wildest dreams anticipated visiting this island. Make sure that you bring your camera with you wherever you go. Simply amazing!


  • The place is amazing, and the people who live there are quite friendly toward visitors. Your time spent here will not be wasted because of the crystal clear seas, one-of-a-kind lagoon, and one-of-a-kind caverns.


  • Isla de Gigantes is a group of islands located off the coast of Panay, and I wanted to discover if the stories that visitors had told me about them were accurate.


  • We stayed advantage of the all-inclusive package that had been arranged for us at one of the nation’s earliest resorts. Because for the price of 2,700 pesos per person, we were accommodated in an AC room with T&B for three days and two nights, private island hopping with entrance fees for all of the islets we visited, a spelunking activity, a visit to a lighthouse, transportation for boats and habal-habal, and five full meals, I could say that the value for money is commendable. Due to the extremely low levels of pollution, all three days of the trip were like taking a fresh, cleansing breath. The only unfortunate experience that happened to us was when we arrived in Estancia and the driver of the tricycle tried to cheat us out of our fee. It was raised by considerably more than half. How can we improve the tourism industry when locals take advantage of tourists?


  • I had a wonderful time at Cabugao and on Bantigue Island! During the Habagat season, it is possible that Tangke Lagoon may not be accessible; thus, you should spend more time on Cabugao and Bantigue Island.


  • When you get to the island, you’ll immediately feel the beckoning of the sand and the sea. As soon as you reach the top of the hill, you will have a panoramic view of the entire island. Remember in mind that each group of tourists only has fifteen minutes to take advantage of this photo opportunity, despite the fact that the view is nice. Always be prepared to take a camera in order to capture that “instagrammable” moment.


  • Everything is really amazing. Dive in water so pristine it’s like seeing fish for the first time, feeling in an atmosphere fit for a king, and enjoying a wide variety of water sports. Simply look at some photos, and if you want to make the most of your trip, don’t forget to talk to people who live there; they will be able to provide you with a lot of useful information.


  • The sight of Gigantes Island left me in awe… We were assisted by friendly and trustworthy tour guides, and we visited both the cave and the lighthouse on our excursion. The following day, we travel from island to island, swim as much as we want in the crystal clear water, and take pictures of ourselves lounging around in the pristine white sand. Since the island is back accessible from the mainland, there is no doubt that we will visit again (Carles, Iloilo).


  • The island can be reached by boat from Carles Port after a ride of at least two hours, during which time the sea may be rough. The legends and photographs of this island’s breathtaking scenery drew me in like a magnet. The beach on the island, on the other hand, is rocky and the sand is uneven, but the view from there is beautiful and would make a good backdrop for photographs. Put on your water shoes for your own protection, and bring along a lot of clean water so you can thoroughly wash off after you’ve been in the water.


  • Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte are the two primary islands that make up the archipelago known as Isla de Gigantes. I have been to this location on two separate occasions and stayed on both islands. You shouldn’t have high hopes for your data connection here because network connections are only available in some areas of each island. As the name of the dish says, you can eat as many scallops as you like, which is one of the highlights. The island-hopping tour will visit between five and six different islands in total. One of them is the lagoon, which is one of the most well-known sights on the tour. Not only can you cliff jump here, but you can also take pictures of yourself with the rock formations and limestones that surround the lagoon. You should get your stomach ready since there is going to be a stop between the tour and the dinner where you will eat nothing but sea dishes such as scallops, crabs, oysters, and squid (seasonal), so be prepared.


  • A stunningly beautiful island The months of June through August represent the finest time to visit the time. It’s possible that the place gets too crowded throughout the summer.


  • We were really lucky to be able to visit and explore all six of Giantess Island’s most popular attractions. The day spent touring Gigantes Island was one of the best of my life (Pulupandan, Cabugao Gamay, Bantigue Sandbar, Antonias Beach, The Little Boracay, and Tanke Salt Water Lagoon). You are in luck if you decide to go to the Tanke Lagoon while the weather is calm. At Sand Bar, seafood may be had for a very cheap price. Make every effort to reserve a spot on the boat tour offered at the Carles Bankal Port… Super Take some time to relax and enjoy the dayboat trip. It worked out wonderfully for us to spend the night in the hotel in Carles and visit the island of Gigantes during the day. Really worth it!


  • Are you looking for vacations that involve islands, beaches, resorts, and seafood that are less crowded? The best that the area has to offer can be found on Gigantes Island.


  • This nature preserve features a sandbar that shifts position depending on the tide and the time of year. This is the scene that is depicted on postcards since it is so amazing. The kind of island that comes to mind when you want to turn off all of your electronics and spend a few hours in peace and quiet


  • Isla de Gigantes is a group of islands that are located in the municipality of Carles, which is a town in the northeastern portion of Iloilo (147 kilometers from Iloilo City). For a long time, this group of islands was overshadowed by other well-known tourist spots in the area, such as Boracay. Together with Sicogon Island and Concepcion, they kind of form the “triangle” for tourists who are searching for a hideaway and some adventure in their vacation destination. Isla de Gigantes is considered by the locals to be a well-kept secret due to the fact that its breathtaking natural beauty has not been altered by human activity. It has been like that since the beginning. The development of social media, on the other hand, has brought to the attention of the general public the potential benefits of this little piece of paradise. The place began to see an increase in the number of tourists each day, both domestic and international. Pulupandan Island, also known as Gakit Island, Tangke Lagoon, Cabugao Gamay (Cabugao South), Bantigue Sandsar, Antonia Island, Cabugao Norte (Cabugao Dako), Parola (Spanish Lighthouse), Bakwitan Cave, Mangroves, Balbagon Island, Uaydajon, Crossing Balanti (an entry point to Carles), and Timbo-Ok Park are among the places (Carles Town Proper).


  • It is your best thing to visit to this cluster of islands in Iloilo prior to the arrival of a good group of tourists who may or may not destroy them. These islands, in contrast to Boracay, have essentially no amenities; nonetheless, the natural beauty of each island more than makes up for this lack of amenity provision. Climbing, swimming, and exploring are activities that younger people will enjoy for their sense of adventure.


  • Our experience enjoyed “island hopping” at Isla de Gigantes was a hit with every member of the family. Snorkeling is an activity that absolutely cannot be missed.


  • Having the chance to relax on the breathtaking island of Carmen on my tour through Antique, Iloilo, and Guimaras was without a doubt one of the most beautiful highlights of my backpacking adventure in these three provinces. You just have to go to their small Boracay; they spend all their free time swimming in the blue water and lounging on the white sand. This trip has unli-scallops as well as wasay-wasay, a dish that is comparable to talaba.


  • We were able to book a tour package that included two days and one night. The tour package comes with five different islands to visit, as well as all of the food and drinks you’ll need during the island-hopping adventure. The employees were really welcoming and helpful to us. Islands are known for their beautiful beauty and seclusion.


  • You will fall in love with the stunning natural beauty of the long sandbar that can be found on one of the islands. Out of all the islands, Antonia Island is my absolute favorite. You will be able to better enjoy the serenity and crowdedness of the Islas de Gigantes if you go there before they become overrun with islands and visit a chance as a popular tourist destination.



  • This place really is a hidden treasure. The Philippines is really lucky to have such beautiful natural nature. I had some of the finest photographs in my camera when I first arrived on this island. The amount of fun that may be had with photography is directly correlated to the number of great friends one has. Once you’ve made it to the top, you’ll have a great time in this location.


  • Climbing through this cave is an experience you won’t feel! On the inside, it’s going to be worth it. To get the most out of the rock formations, you’re going to want to hire a guide, who will also show you the guide out of this amazing cave. Additionally, cave exploring is a lot of fun and makes for a highly thrilling activity to do with friends.


  • Island hopping, delicious seafood, untouched beaches, all at an affordable price, and hardly any other tourists! What else could you possibly ask for?


  • Beaches that are currently unaffected by significant commercialism have a clean and pristine appearance. During the course of our boat tour, we stopped at a total of five different islands, and all of them share certain characteristics: the waters in which it is safe and comfortable to swim are clean and warm, but walking on the islands’ surfaces can be quite painful due to the broken shells and tiny rocks. For the most comfort, I recommend wearing water shoes or beach shoes. Bring water with you as the heat may get very intense, or prepare a picnic lunch as there are no eateries on any of the islands. The hotel that we stayed in provided a picnic lunch for us, which we enjoyed on one of the islands where we were staying. Great day trip.


  • Visited this island for a total of just two days. My trip to this island was completely unplanned, as it is my first time here. Was not something that had been actually planned for. But in all seriousness, this place is really calm, quiet, and peaceful! I didn’t regret going! You are able to fully experience and appreciate the location thanks to the lack of signal in the majority of the area. My stay was limited to just one night, so I stayed the most of it. The very first day I was there, I went to Bakwitan Cave and the Lighthouse and then watched the sunset at Pasil Beach. On the second day of my trip, I went island hopping. The islands and beaches were in almost pristine condition! Because there were so few people there, I had the entire island to myself (laughing). The vacation didn’t break the bank, but it was well worth the money I spent on it. Their food lives up to the hype! I don’t remember being hungry at any point during my stay here. And I’m fairly certain that I consumed a great lot more food than is usual for me. It is imperative to have scallops! I will most backstay in this location and spend further time here.


  • I really enjoy being there. It is not yet available for commercial purchase. However, the ride from the ILO airport to Carles Port can take anything between two and three hours. The amount of food is excessive. I was in the company of my friends, as well as my father and my husband. This place absolutely cannot be missed! When you go on a tour of the island, forget sure to bring some sunscreen, water, and some food with you.


  • The drive from Roatan to Carlos takes approximately two hours, and the boat ride from Carlos to the islands takes approximately one hour. This was the most exciting part of our vacation. We visited the islands of Bantigue Sandbar, Antonia, Cabugao Gamay, and Pulupandan during our trip. Crystal-clear beaches are great for water activities like swimming and snorkeling. This is an activity that just cannot be missed!


  • The province of Iloilo can take pride not just in its historic churches and colonial homes or mansions, but also in the islands and waters that surround it. In the municipality of Carles, there is a group of islands known collectively as “Islas de Gigantes” (meaning “Giants’ Islands”) or Gigantes Islands. These islands are accessible via outrigger boat after a ride of around an hour and a half from either the port of Carles or Estancia. The islands are best experienced by spending the night on either Gigantes Norte or Gigantes Sur at one of the many places to stay, as this is the most convenient way to see everything the islands have to offer. From there, you can rent a boat that will take you to the famous tourist spots in the region, which include the well-known Cabugao Gamay Island, the shifting sandbar on Bantigue Island, Antonia Island, and the Tangke Hidden Lagoon (just to name a few). The islands of Cabugao Gamay and Antonia both feature powdery white sand and are ideal places to go swimming. On the other side, the Tangke Hidden Lagoon is a natural lake that is only filled with water during times of the high tide. Due to the fact that it is typically very crowded for the majority of the time, boats take visitors there in turns. In addition to island hopping, one of the other things that can be done in the Gigantes Islands is to enjoy in the fresh and very reasonably priced scallops that are cheap there. You should try the local specialty known as “wasay-wasay,” which is an oyster in the place of an ax. The fact that the scallop shells are not disposed of in an appropriate manner is one of the aspects of this situation that is problematic. In most cases, the people who live on the island simply throw them on the beach, which brings swarms of flies to the place.


  • Isla de Gigantes, known for its famous tortoises, was one of the places I visited to see. A close distance away was the Tangke Lagoon. Out of the four islands, I’ve only been to Antonia, and it’s easily my favorite. We tried snorkeling. There is no requirement to travel very far from the coast. Even if you are standing one to two meters away, you will still enjoy it. Even more incredible, my husband witnessed a fish chasing after two octopuses. The seafood lunch buffet was included in the package that our operator in Roxas City provided for us. Mangoes for dessert, crabs, fish, two different kinds of shellfish, squid, rice, and soda were on the menu. What a delicious lunch!


  • In October of 2016, my family and I came to this location for a celebration following birthday of my husband. We brought along a newborn as well as a young child. From Estancia, the ride on the boat took a very long time—almost 2 hours, if my memory serves me correctly. We stayed at the Hideaway Resort for a total of 4 days and 3 nights. It is not sufficient to simply describe this island as beautiful. It is just stunning. We went to the lighthouse and Bakwitan Cave, but I had to stay behind because our baby was only six months old. After that, we went island hopping to Cabugao Gamay, Bantigue Sandbar, and Tangke. I was left behind because of our baby.


  • Scallops can be found in great numbers on this island. Scallops were served to us at the table, at lunch, and at dinner. On top of that, there is no mobile phone coverage on the island, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying ourselves. Our vacation lasted for four days, and each day was filled with quite new experiences.


  • Amazing! This excursion is ideal for people who take pleasure in being outside and experiencing new things, particularly those who are physically capable of enduring a lengthy journey by boat, car, or bus. But let me reassure you that the trip will be well worth the experience and effort. Travel time from Iloilo City by private automobile is two hours, however, taking the bus will take significantly longer. You have the option of staying for only one day or for the night. My cousin drove her Grandia for two hours to get to Carles, and from there we made arrangements with a private boat and a guide who took us to the islands to rest, swim and take photos. This boat is ideal for a father and his two sons because of its spacious interior. You will have a more enjoyable time touring these islands if you inquire with the boat guide and motorbike guide on North Island about the history of Gigantes Island.


  • Is a breathtaking tropical island that can be found in the Philippines. Even though this place is very close to where I grew up, it is still a great experience to check out this one-of-a-kind place. The tanke, which is a lagoon located on the interior of the island, is the feature that I love the most. When you go to Tanke, you have to pay a conservation charge at Bangkal Port in order to get a pass that allows you to get into the lagoon. This is a requirement. My observations have shown that a significant number of tourists who arrive on the island via Estancia Port do not bring the necessary passes with them, so they are unable to view the location. The local administration of Carlos is highly stringent about the distribution of the pass, which can only be obtained from their tourism office in Bangkal Port. Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the lagoon; there are plenty of other amazing islands in the area that you may visit as part of your island-hopping adventure. oh! I almost forgot to mention to you that you ought to take advantage of their seafood, which is not only fresh but also quite affordable.


  • I visited to the group of islands a little over a month ago. The place is crowded with El Nido in Palawan, however, there are far fewer people here. Island hopping is an activity that absolutely must be skipped, and neither the Bakwit Cave nor the Pawikan Cave should be missed.


  • Isla Gigantes has a lot of potential as a tourist destination because it is very secluded and it has a lot of places or areas that have not yet been discovered. This is good both on the main island and on the smaller islands that are off the coast. Due to the fact that scallops, a popular activity of seafood delicacy, are essentially mined from the seabed, beaches of scallop shells have already begun to fill in parts of the coastline.


  • In order to have a picture-perfect view of the islands, tourists can go to Antonia Beach, Gigantes Gamay, Tangke Lagoon, and the Lighthouse, and trek up the limestone caverns. All of these places are worth seeing.


  • The time that we spent on Isla Gigantes was amazing, unforgettable, and jaw-dropping. Under the scorching heat of the sun, we had great fun.


  • Isla Gigantes provided us with a fun and exhausting day of island hopping during our tour there in the month of April. You will find beautiful beach scenery here, but swimming is not advised, and the sand is not of the highest quality. Isla Gigantes is the greatest place to visit if you want to enjoy great beaches without having to deal with commercialization or crowds, and it also has beautiful seascapes. We highly recommend Jaja’s Garden as a place to stay in Carles, Iloilo, if that is where you will be.


  • We were able to travel from Iloilo City all the ride up to Carles with the assistance of a friend of the family who is from Gigantes Norte. To get to Gigantes Norte, which was around two hours away, we took a pump boat across the water. After that, we were picked up by a motorcycle and brought to the Pawikan Beach Resort and Restaurant, which is a modest place that features four rooms that are immaculately clean and equipped with air conditioning. I feel obligated to mention the fact that this resort is owned and run by the uncle and aunt of several of my friends, as well as their families. People who are exceptionally nice and helpful to one another. After that, we indulged in a late lunch consisting of scallops, crab, and fish, of course. delicious. After that, we got back on the motorcycles for the afternoon land tour, which took us to the opposite side of the island for a cave walk, then continued on through the villages to the historic lighthouse (we didn’t understand that we needed to bring any money with us for donations). After we got back to the resort, we grabbed some cold beers and walked over to the beach, where we watched the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen. Because we were going island hopping the following day, we had to get up early and rent a scooter to get back to the port to meet our guide and pump boat. We had the entire boat to ourselves, and I’m confident that either Joy or Nestor at Pawikan can make that arrangement for you. I’m delighted that we visited early, on a Wednesday before Holy Week, so that we could enjoy the first two beaches without having to compete with anyone else for space. Because it takes the boats from Estancia and Carles some time to get there, those who stay at Gigantes Norte are ahead of the crowds when they take. The water at Little Bora Beach is completely transparent, and the beach itself is a beautiful shade of pure white. The lagoon is the next stop. It was complete anarchy on the landing pontoon, as is usual in the Philippines; but, as is always the case, lots were able to find their footing amidst a cacophony of noise and merriment. The lagoon is extremely nice, and you may swim there even if there are a lot of people around. Lunch was on a different island, and it provided good value for the money. Our final stop was the island that appears in each and every one of the selfies we took from atop the hill. Very clean, with additional food and bathrooms available if needed in case of need. We decided to pass up the final island in order to relax for the afternoon on this island and stay here instead. After that, we made our way back to the resort for a couple of great drinks, another breathtaking sunset, and a beautiful lunch.


  • I am able to remark that this island is incredibly rich in terms of its natural resources, which include both its seafood and its scenic areas. All I can do is hope and pray that the locals who live on the island would make an effort to protect it for future generations.


  • After you have finished exploring the surrounding islands, make it a point to return before the sun goes down. The sand bar that is located close to the landing area features one of the most beautiful sunset views on this side of the island.


  • The finest thing to do on Isla Gigantes was to take a day trip to some of the other islands. Visiting Tangke, which is a seawater lagoon, was the perfect opportunity for a swim in the water. Cliff diving was a highlight of the trip! The trip to Cabugao Gamay was awesome for taking island selfies, in which you can actually see the island in the background of the picture. The sandbar was ideal for taking a leisurely stroll and taking in the picturesque view, and Antonia Beach was ideal for pitching a tent and hosting a group of vacationers. The dish of scallops was simply delicious in terms of flavor.


  • The place has a magical quality and is quite beautiful. It is no need to apply any filters to the photos or manipulate them in any way; the original raw image will convey all of the necessary photos. A wonderful place to go island hopping, where you will certainly indulge in the freshest seafood catch, and where the locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at ease. Come and visit any place there to rediscover a community that still adheres to traditional ways of life and is rich in natural resources.


  • We visited a number of different islands, which was a lot of fun. We were also able to visit the surrounding villages, where we found the people to be quite friendly and fascinating.


  • The island astounds me because it has not been developed for commercial usage. You have the opportunity to enjoy pleasure in the more understated aspects of what the island has to offer.


  • I was on the island for three days and two nights, and during that time I stayed the straightforward way of life that the locals there lead. I came to the realization that it was enjoyable to spend a vacation in a location where there is no internet connection because it affords one the opportunity to engage in conversation with one’s friends and to reflect on a variety of memorable experiences while appreciating the crisp air that comes from the ocean.


  • While traveling from island to island, you can participate in a wide lot of activities. In order to take in the views of the island, we will get to swim, snorkel, and do some light hiking.


  • If you are looking for a place to relax in the serenity and quiet of its surroundings, Gigantes Island in Iloilo is an excellent journey to choose from.


  • Because the people are so accommodating and friendly, I had a great time exploring Giants Island. When you go there, the first thing you see is crystal clear water, which makes you anxious to swim in the water and get a tan. The place is so soothing, and the water is the first thing you see when you get there. A massive rock will be in your path just before you reach your destination.


  • These places are like precious gems. However, if you get the opportunity to talk with its locals, you will learn that they are under the supervision of the municipality, which does not really care about the island but charges a fee of fifty pesos for every visitor to cover environmental costs.


  • This year, I decided to celebrate my birthday in that location. We decided to go with Iloilo Travel Max because they offered us a tour package. We left on the road at five in the morning and arrived all the way to Estancia from Iloilo City. Iloiloa.m. Iloilo Travel Max We le  Iloilo City around 5 a.m. an a.m. arrived at Estancia, IloiIloilo, 7 a.m. Iloilo Travel Max. We arrived at Estancia Iloilo, Ilo around seven in the morning, having left Iloilo City at five in the morning. Iloilo Travel Max. We left our journey from Iloilo City at 5 in the morning and arrived in Estancia, Iloilo at 7 in the morning. At that point, our island-hopping adventure got underway when a motorized boat came to pick us up. We made a stop at the famous Las Islas de Gigantes, which was ranked as one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world in 2016, after passing by the well-known Sicogon Island, which is currently undergoing construction to accommodate an increased number of visitors. The ride was well worth it in order to see the beautiful view, as well as the pure water in the morning. We took a boat ride to three more islands and stopped on one of them for lunch. There was an abundance of seafood, particularly scallops and winged oysters, which were found everywhere. So fresh and delectable in flavor! It was known as Mini Boracay, and it lived up to its name! After that, we proceeded to an inlet lagoon where the only way to view a hidden design that nature had created was by swinging in it. I was there, but I won’t say anything about it. The rock formations were awesome to look at. After stopping at a few islands on the way back to Estancia proper, we eventually made our way back there. We didn’t get going until after 5, but we left it back to Iloilo City in plenty of time for dinner! The perfect vacation, free from the burden of deciding where to stay. Because there were not many accommodations to stay on some of the islands, we decided to head back to the city instead.


  • Not only the clear water and unspoiled beaches but also the view from the highest peaks of the islands left an impression on me. I was quite impressed. If you really must travel, you should go now when the area is still undeveloped and unpolluted.


  • This place is top-notch in every way! It’s one of my favorite places to get away during the summer. The food is not only reasonably priced but also very great; it’s a real steal. The beach is incredibly clean and beautiful (almost Maldives-ish, or even more). The community is quite welcoming and warm-hearted. However, there is a catch: the ride there on the boat is quite terrifying; the waves are really powerful, and it feels the entire time as though you are on a roller coaster! Despite this, it is well worth the effort. This island is definitely on my list of places to visit!


  • We were overjoyed to explore the many different islands that Gigantes had to offer. The absence of large commercial establishments as well as crowds made the place peaceful and had a stunningly beautiful atmosphere. Take note, because the closest city is quite a ways away. It is a boat ride that takes more than two hours, and there is no phone reception or internet access (save for the “call center” hour at the top of the hill). The whole price that we paid, which was handled through the Carles Tourism office at the port, was relatively cheap for what we got, which included our own boat, island hopping for a day and a half, a tour guide, overnight accommodations, and meals made with fresh seafood. Make sure you know what you’re getting into by doing some research on it. The trip can be harsh depending on the weather; my group and I were drenched from head to toe after thirty minutes of being in the boat due to the waves and the current. Additionally, I regret not having better prepared myself for the accommodations (no shower; the toilet was one of those where you pour water on it to flush; no AC). On the other hand, if you are a traveler who is really daring and not choosy, then everything would be fun and perfect for you.


  • I genuinely left leave a piece of my heart on Gigantes Island. If I could, I definitely would go back there again. It was because of the people, the food, and the place that Iloilo came to be known as the “City of Love”.
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