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Don’t let limited seats stop you from enjoying the adventure of a lifetime! Book your slot now for the exciting Joiners’ Tour and experience the beauty of island hopping with other like-minded travelers. Although there are many boats in Carles, seats on each tourist boat are limited to just 25 to 30 people depending on the size of the boat. So it’s wise to act fast to secure your spot! By booking in advance, we can ensure that everything is arranged in advance, so you can relax and enjoy yourself well during your travel.

See the Private Tour Slot Availability Form below.

Private Tour Slot Availability

Have you ever wondered if it’s really necessary to book in advance when there are seemingly countless boats available for island hopping in Carles?

The resounding answer is YES.

Why you may ask? It’s because the seats on each boat are limited, accommodating only 25 to 30 tourists, depending on the boat’s size.

Now imagine this scenario: there are 91 eager tourists who are all set to embark on a breathtaking island-hopping adventure tomorrow. You, unfortunately, happen to be the 91st tourist to book for the tour. Can you fathom a scenario where tour operators would be willing to prepare a fourth boat, exclusively for you, as the sole passenger? Unlikely, for the first 90 tourists would have been allocated to the first three boats, with 30 tourists per vessel. This may seem like an unlikely situation, but it’s entirely plausible.

But fret not, dear reader, as we have the perfect solution to ensure your seamless island hopping experience. By booking in advance, at least a day before your scheduled tour, we can prepare everything ahead of time, allowing us to make your dream tour a reality.

Check our website for slot availability, and expect us to get in touch with you promptly. Don’t let a missed opportunity hinder your perfect adventure. Book in advance and let us take care of the rest!

Private Tour Slot Availability

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Islas de Gigantes

Come and discover the extraordinary Islas de Gigantes, an island chain located in Carles municipality that offers breathtaking views of limestone formations, crystal-clear waters, and white-sand beaches.

The locals are hospitable, and the seafood, particularly the scallops, is plentiful.

Islas de Gigantes includes the Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur, as well as Cabugao Gamay Island, Antonia Island, Pulu Pandan, and Bantigue Sand Bar.

The best way to explore the area is by taking an island-hopping tour that lets you swim, snorkel, cliff dive, and indulge in authentic Filipino cuisine.

Cabugao Gamay Island, which is also known as Selfie Island, should not be missed, as it is famous for its stunning white dunes, turquoise waters, and rock formations that made it one of the’s 20 Most Beautiful Places in the World in 2016.

Roxas Airport is the nearest domestic airport to Gigantes Island, while Iloilo International Airport is the nearest international airport.

Several budget-friendly accommodations are available in Gigantes Norte, including hotels, resorts, and tour packages offered by travel and tour agencies.

Book your trip to Islas de Gigantes today for an unforgettable adventure!


P999 Joiner's Package | P999 Joiner's Package | Inclusions: Island Hopping - 7 Destinations*; Lunch Overload + "Unli" Scallops (6 Local Dishes + Unli Rice + Unli Coffee); Shared Tourist Boat (25-30 Pax); Tour Guide Fee (tipping is also encouraged); Entrance Fees, and; Environmental Fee. NOTE: Don't hesitate to get in touch with us before the booking cut-off time; the number of islands to visit is subject to weather and sea conditions, and the free use of a kayak is only promotional and subject to availability. Secure your slot today!.

Isla Gigantes
Gigantes Islands


Escape to the pristine paradise of the Gigantes Islands and experience a one-of-a-kind adventure! With daily flights to Iloilo International Airport and Roxas Airport from major cities across the Philippines, getting to this hidden gem has always been challenging. Choose from Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia and land on Panay Island, where the picturesque Gigantes Island is hidden. Immerse yourself in the island's turquoise waters, powdery white sand beaches, and towering rock formations.

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Gigantes Island