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Pawikan Cave


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Pawikan Cave

When in Carles, Iloilo, don’t miss out on seeing Pawikan Cave. The cave’s entrance opens into a massive cavern welcoming the visitors entering the impressive rock formations. Atriums (or apertures) in the cave ceiling provide ample illumination for the many cave chambers farther inside. The underground scenery is really unlike anything else. Local guides will tell you that their elders have warned them many times not to disturb Pawikan Cave lest they upset the “spirits” who live there.

Large egg-shaped rock formations (resembling huge turtle eggs) can be found in one of the cave’s deep chambers, which is how Pawikan Cave earned its name. In local language, “pawikan” refers to turtles.

Without visiting the Pawikan Cave, your tour of the Islas de Gigantes would not be complete. The inside features amazing rock formations and ceilings that are around 100 feet high. A cave that is well-known for having ceilings that are one hundred feet high.

Pawikan Cave is located in Isla de Gigantes Sur’s southern coast. You must climb up a cliff and into a forest to get there. Most individuals will find it challenging to make the ascent due to the trail’s extreme steepness. The slope angle is around 45 and more, and its height is more than 200 feet. Visitors should exercise caution when making the sloping ascent, particularly if the path is slick with rain.


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Pawikan Cave
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