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Gigantes Ligthouse

    The North Gigantes Island Lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

    A visit to the Lighthouse will seem like traveling back in time because it is one of the twenty-seven lighthouses the Spanish designated during their time in the Philippines.

    On North Gigante Island, which is an island off the northeastern corner of Panay, you’ll find the Faro de Sibulac – Babac de Gigantes Lighthouse. This lighthouse is also known by its more common name, Isla de Gigantes Lighthouse.

    Its primary purpose is to provide assistance to vessels that are crossing the Visayan Sea on their way to the Port of Iloilo. The month of August 1895 marked the beginning of its activity.

    The design and specifications of the Faro de Sibulac – Babac de Gigantes were comparable to those of the Faro de Islas Calabazas, Faro de Punta Luzaran, Luz Del Puerto De San Fernando, FaroDe Islote Siete Pecados, and Luz De Isla Bagatao. All of these towers were constructed out of metals and manufactured in France. Tourelles are the name given to these towers.

    Although the tourelle tower that was once a part of this lighthouse cannot be found anywhere, the foundation that it once stood on is still in tact. At this time, a brand new tower made of aluminum and produced in Japan has been constructed just next to the spot where the old tower had stood.

    On the light stations lists for 1904 and 1920, this station is referred to as Sibuluak Babai. The records just refer to it as a “tower,” and it was colored gray in 1904 and colored white in 1920. The focal plane of the tower was 78 feet (23 m). It’s likely that this was the second tourelle.

    Located in the northwestern part of the Visayan Sea, approximately 25 kilometers (15 miles) northeast of the most northeastern point of the island of Panay, it is the most northeastern point of the Gigantes Islands’ northernmost island.


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