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Gigantes Island

Joiners’ Package

    You can purchase the Joiners’ Package, which entails sharing the boat with other joiners or visitors so that while you are having fun island hopping, you also have the opportunity to meet people traveling from different parts of the world and experience their cultures.

    Keep in mind that in order to participate in the Gigantes Joiners’ Tour, you will need to arrive in Carles at an early hour on the day of your tour. Because of the journey duration and the limited boat schedule traveling to Gigantes (if you are coming from Roxas City or Iloilo City), you need to plan your trip carefully. Another good option is to arrive in Carles a day in advance before your day tour.

    The Iloilo-Gigantes Tour, on the other hand, takes care of practically all of the planning for you. Your only responsibility is to kick back and take in the sights during the tour.

    Island Hopping Tour

      Generally, here are the inclusions of the joiners’ package in Gigantes Island:

      • hopping to various islands/attractions
      • lunch “overload”
      • tour guide
      • entrance fees
      • environmental fee

      Islas de Gigantes Day Tour

      999 Package

        Isla Pulupandan, Tangke Lagoon, Antonia Island, Tinagong Dagat, Cabugao Gamay, and Bantigue Island Sandbar are typically included as part of a standard island-hopping day tour in the Islas de Gigantes. Other popular stops on these tours are Tinagong Dagat, Cabugao Gamay, and Tinagong Dagat.

        The Bancal Port is where the Gigantes tour will begin its journey. To join a tour that visits multiple islands, visitors should report here first.

        A day tour to the Gigantes islands can be had for as low as P999, and it comes with a lavish buffet lunch. This is a perfect option for people who are traveling alone or in a small group. They can inquire about joining a boat (a “joiners’ tour”) in order to join advantage of the P999 discount.

        The boat ride might last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the seas and the weather. Also, please keep in mind that island hopping excursions could have to be shortened for reasons relating to safety. There are going to be instances when the boat has to leave earlier than the scheduled time in order to avoid the large waves.

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        Gigantes Island

          The Dinagyang Festival, La Paz batchoy noodles, Jaro Cathedral, and the breathtaking Gigantes Islands are some of the major attractions in the beautiful province of Iloilo in the Philippines.

          Gigantes Island, also known by its official name “Islas de Gigantes,” is a magnificent destination that should not be missed by any traveler but is particularly recommended for those who have already been to Boracay, El Nido, Coron, Port Barton, San Vicente/Long Beach/Port Barton, and Puerto Princesa.

          The town of Gigantes can be found in Carles, which is a municipality in the province of Iloilo.

          The destination is known for having beautiful beaches, craggy rock formations, and clear water that attract a lot of tourists. It encompasses Gigantes Norte and Sur in addition to Cabugao Gamay, Pulupandan, Bantigue Sandbar, and Antonia Beach.

          Beach strolling, island hopping, visiting a historic lighthouse, and taking a panoramic view of the sea are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed on Gigantes Island, as well as swimming, caving, and spelunking.


            CABUGAO GAMAY

            Cabugao Island is a stunning destination. A slender “sandbar” juts into the water and connects two rocky outcroppings that make up its site. Gamay, meaning small in the local language, refers to the island’s diminutive size, accentuated by its opposite end’s spectacular rock formations and lush vegetation.

            The great majority of island tourists are day visitors and island hoppers.

            For a genuine island getaway, swim in the turquoise waters or simply unwind on the white sandbar that runs through the island’s center.
            There are numerous palm trees along the beach, which provide welcome shade from the midday sun.

            The most famous image of Gigantes will always be one taken from the highest point on the island. The short yet steep bamboo stairway’s peak offers famous vistas.

            Because it offers the ideal vantage point for shooting pictures of the island and its surroundings, tourists throng to a certain spot on Cabugao Gamay, dubbed “selfie island.”

            Gigantes’ most well-known online presence is Cabugao Gamay Island, particularly through social media platforms.

            Visitors could ascend improvised stairs located on top of a karst to reach a lookout viewpoint that overlooks the island and the waters on each side of it. Back in the day, visitors who wanted to reach this viewpoint would have had to climb over some rocks to get there. It was riskier and less convenient in the past, but not anymore.

            You will be able to recreate the iconic image of Gigantes that you find online from the vantage point at Cabugao Gamay.

            People would wait in line, particularly on the weekends, to get a shot like this.

            In addition, there are heaps of zen stones in one of the sections that run parallel to the beach. The zen stones piled up near the beach appear to be quite relaxing.

            A delectable seafood buffet is available for guests on Cabugao Gamay Island. Gigantes is well-known for having scallops that are not only tasty but also quite affordable. Please verify with your tour agency to see if this is part of the package you have purchased. On other beaches, various tour operators serve lunch to their guests.

            Tangke Lagoon

            When the tide is high, a hole in the rocks near Tangke Lagoon allows water to flow into the lagoon, filling it up and giving it the appearance of a water tank. Karsts that are speckled with vegetation surround the little lagoon.

            The Tangke Lagoon is supposed to be a mysterious lagoon where many components can be found. The fact that leaves from the trees in the area did not appear to be falling into Tangke’s waters was another mystery to the locals.

            Bantigue Island/Sandbar

            To get the most out of this attraction, you need to time it just so because the sandbar disappears when the tide is too high.

            At low tide, the sandbar will reveal all of its natural splendor to all who visit.

            The granite formations in the area around Bantigue Island are also very attractive.

            Antonia Beach

            Antonia Beach is a stretch of sand that is predominantly white in color and is bookended on either end by rocky outcrops. The waters in the area are suitable for snorkeling.

            Pulo Pandan

            The island of Pulupandan provides Gigantes’ fisherman with a spot to unwind and relax. On the islet, you are most likely to come across some fisherman taking a break in their huts and setting up their crab traps.

            The only form of vegetation on the island is a solitary coconut palm, and the majority of its surface is made up of white sand and rocks.

            Hidden Beach

            Because the shrubs, rocks, and vegetation that surround Hidden Beach are more noticeable from a distance, the locals refer to it as “Tinagong Dagat,” which translates to “Hidden Beach.” The reason for the beach’s eponymous name comes from the fact that it is difficult to see from a distance. Therefore, it is figuratively analogous to a hidden jewel. The beach has a reputation for being known as “Little Boracay” due, in part, to the powdery quality of the sand.

            The sand in Tinagong Dagat is quite fine and has a creamy consistency, making it perfect for walking barefoot. Some tourists find the experience of jumping off one of the rocks to be exhilarating.

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