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Iloilo Airport Flights

    Will you be flying to the island of Gigantes? You can opt to visit Gigantes Island via one of four commercial entry sites, all of which are serviced by planes on a daily basis. However, before making a flight reservation, travelers should carefully consider the followings:

    • The principal port of entry onto the island of Gigantes is located on Bancal, and its name is Bancal Port. The Iloilo International Airport is approximately 143 kilometers away from this location (in Iloilo City).
    • The distance between the port of Bancal and the Kalibo International Airport (which is located in Kalibo, Aklan) is also 143 kilometers.
    • Guests have the option of flying into either the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (commonly known as the Caticlan/Boracay Airport) in Caticlan or the Roxas City Airport in Roxas City, Capiz.
    • Approximately 207 kilometers separate the airport in Caticlan from the port of Bancal in Carles, Iloilo.
    • The Roxas City Airport and the Bancal Port are approximately 77 kilometers apart from one another.

    There is a small airport in Carles (home to the stunning Gigantes Island). But, since there is no commercial airline that operates daily domestic flights to Sicogon Airport at the moment (2022), the fastest and most convenient alternative route to Gigantes Island is via Roxas City Airport.


      A number of old Spanish-era historic sites, including the Miag-ao Church (a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Philippines) and San Joaquin Campo Santo, along with San Joaquin Church and Santa Barbara Church, have been preserved in Iloilo because of the city’s illustrious history and culture.

      The province of Iloilo, which held a prominent position during the Spanish Colonial Period, is renowned for its exquisite old-world architecture that is reminiscent of those found in Latin American nations. Spanish colonial churches are some of the province’s most popular tourist attractions. There are also some natural areas in this, in addition to the numerous mixed-use parks that dot the province.

      The Islas de Gigantes, which include the Bantigue Sand Bar, Tangke Lagoon, Cabugao Island, and Antonia Island, are known for their white sand beaches and clear waters. These islands are all located in the northern section of the province.


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      Iloilo Airport

        The airport servicing the Philippine province of Iloilo, which includes its capital city, Iloilo City, the regional hub of the Western Visayas area, is Iloilo International Airport, also referred to as Iloilo Airport. After a decade of preparation and construction, it replaced Mandurriao Airport in Mandurriao, Iloilo City, which had been operational for more than 70 years, on June 14, 2007, and opened its doors to commercial traffic. As a result, the new airport inherited its IATA and ICAO codes from its predecessor and its ranking as the Philippines’ fourth-busiest airport. As of 2021, it was the seventh-busiest airport in the Philippines. In addition, it is regarded as the main entry point into the region and the first airport in Western Visayas and the island of Panay to be constructed to international standards. Accordingly, the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority has designated it as an international airport.

        The airport is situated on a 188-hectare plot spread across Barangays Gaub, Duyan-Duyan, Tabucan, Tiring, and Manguna in Cabatuan, Iloilo, 24 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City. A single runway, several office and maintenance buildings, waste-sorting and water-treatment facilities, a power plant, a cargo terminal, and a major passenger terminal make up the airport complex. The airport is easily accessible by road from all areas of Iloilo and Panay due to its location along the Tomas Confesor Highway, which runs through the island. Additionally, due to its proximity to the now-defunct Panay Railways network, the airport may one day be connected by rail to the rest of Panay.

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