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Gigantes Island From Manila


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Islas de Gigantes Guide

Getting from Manila to Gigantes Island

    How to Get to the Islas de Gigantes From the Capital City of Manila


    Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Roxas City, Capiz

    Islas de Gigantes is found in the northern portion of Iloilo; nevertheless, if you fly from Manila to Iloilo City, the whole travel time (air and land travel combined) to Islas de Gigantes could take up to 7 hours. In terms of distance from the Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo City is located further away than Roxas City. Therefore, traveling to the stunning Islas de Gigantes from Roxas City in the province of Capiz, which could take up to 5 hours and 30 minutes, is the most expedient route to reach there (air and land travel).

    There is a one-hour and ten-minute flight time between the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Roxas City. You can make a reservation for your flight in advance with Philippine Airlines or through Cebu Pacific, the low-cost and budget local airline time.


    Roxas Airport to Bus Terminal

    From the airport in Roxas City, ride a tricycle that will take you to the Ceres bus terminal.

    Tricycles are the most common form of public transportation in Roxas City, thus you won’t find any jeepneys or cabs in the area surrounding the airport. When you get to the airport, find the tricycle terminal, and once you’re there, inform the driver that you want to go to the Ceres bus terminal. Please be aware that there are no predetermined charges for using tricycles in Roxas City. In our particular scenario, the fare from the Roxas City Airport to the Ceres bus terminal was P200. The travel time is about twenty minutes, give or take.


    Bus/Van Bound to Estancia

    Take a bus or a van bound for Estancia in Iloilo from the Ceres bus terminal.

    The fare for a bus ride from Roxas City, which is located in Capiz, to Estancia, which is located in Iloilo, is 81 pesos, and the travel time can range anywhere from one hour and forty minutes to two hours. Take note that there are no buses to Estancia that feature air conditioning in any of their vehicles. Another option is to take a van to Estancia, which will get you there quicker. The fare is $75, and the travel should take about an hour and a half to two hours time. Take note that vans do not have air conditioning either.


    Estancia Bus Terminal to Estancia Port

    From the Estancia Bus Terminal, ride a tricycle to Estancia Port.

    You may reach the Estancia Port by taking a tricycle from the Estancia bus terminal. The standard fare for a special journey is sixty pesos. If you are traveling on a shoestring budget, the fare for a single person is 15 pesos; nevertheless, you will be required to wait for other passengers who are heading to the Estancia port. The trip will take around ten minutes to complete.


    Estancia Port to Gigantes Island

    Ride a passenger boat from Estancia Port to Islas de Gigantes.

    You will need to pay a terminal fee of 10 pesos to use Estancia Port. Please let the tourism officer know if you intend to visit the Islas de Gigantes. The fare is sixty pesos, and the time of the travel is two hours in total. It is essential to note into account the fact that there is only one excursion that departs daily from Estancia Port to the Islas de Gigantes. At exactly one o’clock in the afternoon, the boat will set sail. In the event that you are unable to catch the group that departs at 1:00 PM, the fee to charter a private boat to the Gigantes Islands is 4,500 pesos.

    Islas de Gigantes
    Gigantes Island
    Islas de Gigantes

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