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Islas de Gigantes Guide

Getting to Gigantes Island From Estancia

    The primary entry point to Islas de Gigantes from mainland Panay are the municipalities of Estancia and Carles, which can be reached by land from all of mainland Panay Island’s major transportation hubs, including Roxas City Airport, Iloilo International Airport, Kalibo International Airport, and Boracay Airport (in Caticlan).

    The easiest and quickest method to get to the Gigantes Islands is through Bancal Port in the town of Carles, and an alternative to that is the Port in Estancia.

    Every day a passenger boat travels from Carles and another one from Estancia to Gigantes. Boats from Estancia to the Gigantes Islands also make one trip daily, the same as the boat at Bancal Port in Carles. Please note that there is a possibility that you may be left behind as the boat may leave earlier than expected when all seats become fully occupied by passengers ahead of their scheduled departure.

    So it would be wise to, either:

    • Get accommodation in the mainland near Gigantes Islands, like Bancal or Estancia, if you do not want to be stressed with catching up on the boat schedule. After all, the usual starting point for island hopping would be at the Bancal Port in Carles, Iloilo;
    • Or contact a travel agency (we can help you get one) that can give you an assurance that you will be able to spend your vacation on the stunning Island of Gigantes without being left behind by a boat in mainland Iloilo. Travel agencies can arrange for you private trips and book your accommodation in Gigantes as lodging houses are also limited.

    It will take around 2 hours to travel from Estancia to Gigantes Islands.

    The following are the several options that you can reach Gigantes island if you are departing from Estancia Port: The travel takes roughly two hours (30 minutes longer than the travel time from Bancal Port to Gigantes):

    • You are able to go on a tour of Gigantes island by chartering a boat for the day.
    • Now you have the option to go to Gigantes island on a guided tour with a group.
    • You may take the passenger boat from Estancia Port to get to Gigantes Norte, which is where the majority of the homestays are. The passenger boat departs the port of Estancia at 1 in the afternoon and arrives at Gigantes Norte in about hours.

    In the event that you missed the public boat, renting a private boat would be an option. Just a piece of advice: bring 5–10 of your buddies along to help spread the cost of boat rental.

    When planning a trip to Gigantes, remember that the boat only runs Estancia for Gigantes Norte Island once daily. Therefore, we suggest you arrive at the port early. Fortunately, many tour operators offer special tours to individuals who purchase tour packages at the prearranged time.

    To get to and around Gigantes instead, tourists can charter a boat from either seaport. There are no public transportation options in Gigantes; therefore, you must charter a boat in order to go between the islands. Narrow inland roads connect the many villages on the larger islands, Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur.

    Take an island-hopping tour to view the region’s stunning beaches and islands. A trip to Gigantes would be incomplete without one. The main attractions, including Cabugao Gamay Island, Tangke, Antonia Beach, Bantigue Island, and Pawikan Cave, may be seen for at least a day to enjoy the tour.

    To go around Gigantes on DIY, take a public boat to Gigantes Norte, and from there, hire a boat to take you to Antonia beach or Cabugao Gamay island, where you can stay for the night. If you want to do this, you can get to Lago beach in Gigantes Norte first, and then from there, you can hire a boat to carry you to the island where you want to spend the night. You will need to rent a boat in order to explore the surrounding islands while you are in Gigantes.

    Boat Schedule

    From Estancia Port to Langub Port (in Gigantes Norte):

    • Public passenger boat: 2:00 PM daily

    From Langub Port (in Gigantes Norte) to Estancia Port:

    • Public passenger boat: ​​8:30 AM daily


    IMPORTANT: For a stress-free vacation, contact a travel and tours agency to help you plan your travel.

    Please note that the option, schedules, and fares discussed herein are subject to change and may need to be updated. Please contact us for updates.


    Islas de Gigantes
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    Islas de Gigantes

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