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Want to experience Gigantes Island but prefers to stay in Iloilo City?

Hotels in Iloilo City

    Islas de Gigantes may be found in the municipality of Carles, in the province of Iloilo. The vast majority of Carles’s accessible lodging alternatives fall into the category of being on the more affordable side.

    Those who are interested in taking advantage of the numerous conveniences and amenities that can be found in urban regions have the option of renting a room at a hotel in Iloilo City. The city is home to a sizeable number of accommodation establishments ranging from budget accommodations to luxury hotels.


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      Because of Iloilo’s illustrious past and vibrant present, many old Spanish-era historical sites have been preserved, including the Miag-ao Church (one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines) and San Joaquin Campo Santo, which, along with San Joaquin Church and Santa Barbara Church, has been named a National Cultural Treasure by the Philippine National Museum.

      Iloilo, a prominent province during the Spanish Colonial Period, is well known for its exquisite old-world architecture resembling that of Latin American nations. Among the popular tourist destinations in the province are historic Spanish churches. Along with some natural areas, the province’s mixed-use parks are also included.

      The Bantigue Sand Bar, Tangke Lagoon, Cabugao Island, and Antonia Island, which are all a part of the Islas de Gigantes, are among the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters found in the northern region of the province.

      Iloilo Hotels
      Hotels in Iloilo City
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      Hotels in Iloilo City

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