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Bantigue Island

    Bantigue Island is the ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors noted that Bantigue offers breathtaking sunset views. On Bantigue Island, you’ll find the homes of several locals. From the sandbar, one can see a few houses and a store from a distance. If you have the time, you should go exploring the island. It’s not large anyway.

    Bantigue Sandbar

    The cost of admission is waived (FREE). This natural splendor is only visible when the tidal level is low. The orange light rays cast by the setting sun make the sandbar on Bantigue island more dramatic. During sunset is the best time of day to visit this attraction. However, for the vast majority of Gigantes Island package tours, this location is typically one of the first destinations being visited. This is likely due to the harrowing waves and the powerful current that are present in the afternoon.

    The sandbar known as Bantigue can be found to the east of Cabugao Dako or Cabugao Grande, and to the south of Cabugao Gamay. From Antonia Beach, it is possible to have a good look at the sandbar from a distance. You will still be able to admire its grandeur form despite the distance between you.

    The right side of the sandbar contains fine powdery sand, which makes it easy to find a comfortable spot to sit down and stretch your legs out along the shore. It is possible that sitting on the sand on the left side of the beach, which is littered with rocks, seashells, and dead corals, will not be very comfortable. On the other hand, the water on this side is much more enjoyable to swim in.

    The sandbar is a popular place for children from the neighboring village to congregate and play in the afternoon. They joined us in swimming and playing games. They seemed to love being photographed, despite the fact that we could not understand a word that came out of their mouths.


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    Bantigue Sandbar
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    Bantigue Island

    Bantigue Sandbar

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