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 Islas de Gigantes 999 Day Tour

Terms & Conditions

    1. We require a minimum of thirty percent (30%) down payment through bank deposit or fund transfer. Alternatively, for your convenience since there are no ATMs in Gigantes Island, you may also send full payment to the corporate bank account of one of the best travel companies in Carles. Please send us a photo of your bank deposit slip or a screenshot of your electronic payment confirmation through Messenger or via email together with the required booking information. The booking will only be confirmed once we have confirmed receipt of your payment and we have received complete details of the hereunder required information. See payment options, details, and instructions below.
    2. We will give a one hundred percent (100%) refund of your payment if the tour gets canceled due to severe weather conditions such as typhoons.
    3. We will give a fifty percent (50%) refund of your payment if you cannot join the tour because your flight gets canceled, or you missed your plane schedule to Roxas Airport or Iloilo International Airport.
    4. Refund process: Send us a refund request through email using the email address you provided when you send the proof of your down payment. If the tour gets canceled due to bad weather conditions allow us to process your refund within 7 days, excluding weekends and national holidays.
    5. In line with the itinerary, there may be changes from time to time depending on weather conditions. At times, there are some islands that can’t be visited due to unfavorable sea conditions so some of the attractions or destinations in the itinerary may be skipped for your safety. There will be no price adjustment if this happens. This is something we do not want, and we only desire the safety of everyone.
    6. The boat captain and the tour operator may cancel the tour at any time of the day when the weather becomes unbearable.
    7. Respect local norms, follow the recommended safety standards, and be cooperative with your tour guide. This is for your own safety. The boat captain and the tour operator, at their own discretion, may refuse guests to board the boat if they show any unusual or intolerable behavior. These include, but are not limited to, raising too many complaints or making unreasonable demands that can cause a delay to the tour.
    8. Be friendly to everyone. This is a joiner’s tour and we expect all to enjoy the tour together.
    9. Please bring your own toiletries and other personal necessities such as towels.
    10. Travel time from Roxas City to Bancal port will take more or less 2 hours, while Iloilo City to Bancal Port is around 4 hours. If you want to catch up on the tour schedule, shuttle vans can bring you to Carles roughly 30 minutes earlier than buses. Take the earliest trip and plan your travel ahead of time. Contact us when planning your travel to Gigantes.
    11. This is a joiner’s tour. Everyone is expected to arrive on time, or before the actual meet-up time. If you fail to show up in time, we can cancel your slot(s) on the boat at our sole discretion.
    12. If the reserved amount does not meet the actual headcount on the day of the tour, additional charges may apply.
    13. For complaints, please reach us through email using the email address you provided when you send proof of your down payment. A refund might be applicable depending on our decision and sole discretion.
    14. Free-of-charge rescheduling is allowed prior to 3 days of departure time and is subject to seat availability within 72 hours.
    15. The terms and conditions herein only apply when you book your travel directly with us. Other agencies or operators may have their own booking terms and conditions.
    16. Gigantes is for you to explore. You may have read a lot of online articles, guides, and reviews from various travel blogs, including our own travel articles on this site. Experiences and information in online articles may be unique to the writers’ actual travel adventures and may have already changed after they explored Gigantes. Contact us for updates. There are so many things to see, explore, and appreciate in Gigantes. It’s for you to discover!
    17. Sending your payment, whether partial or complete, signifies that you have read, understood, and fully accept the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
    18. For your protection, do not send your down payment to personal accounts. We require payment to the official corporate bank account of one of the pioneers in the travel industry in Gigantes.


    Payment Options

    • Bank deposit to Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank)
    • WesternUnion to Metrobank
    • Online bank-to-bank transfer (your bank to Metrobank)
    • GCash transfer to Metrobank
    • PayMaya transfer to Metrobank


    Payment Details

    Bank Name:


    Account Name:

    • XXXXX TRAVEL & TOURS (contact us for full details)

    Account Number:

    • 248XXXXXX9740 (contact us for full details)


    If Sending Payment from Abroad

    • City: CITY OF MAKATI
    • Country: PHILIPPINES


    Payment Confirmation

    And Booking Information

    Please send us a photo of your bank deposit slip or a screenshot of your electronic payment confirmation through Messenger or via email (see email below) together with the following details for payment verification and record purposes.


    • Contact Person
    • Contact Number
    • FB Screen Name
    • Email Address
    • Headcount
    • Total Amount of Package
    • Travel Date
    • Amount of Down Payment

    Enjoy your travel to the “little giant islands” of the Pacific! God bless!

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