Gigantes Group Of Islands - The Best Kept Secret Of Iloilo Province


Wanna experience a laid back beach lifestyle? Come and see the beautiful and stunning islands of the Gigantes group of islands. A landscape of enchantment that’s surrounded by breathtaking white sand beaches and crystal clear water all around. What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and travel to these islands of paradise, the Gigantes group of islands. A surreal place where you can see the usual tropical scenes of this country plus a stunning limestone rock formation. I am sure you will add this to your Bucket list as the place to be for your next holiday. Most are not aware that this beautiful group of islands exist because it’s not a usual tourist destination. However, as time goes by, Gigantes group of islands will be getting the attention it deserves. A precious hidden gem of the Province of Iloilo, and indeed another precious gem of this beautiful country – the Philippines. Come now and be the one of the first to experience the true undeveloped beauty at its BEST…

Gigantes group of islands is the best kept secret of Iloilo Province. It’s a secret hideaway for a very few who have discovered and witnessed the enchanting beauty of each island, plus the mere fact that they are all virgin islands, truly a paradise. Some say it’s a little like El Nido, Palawan because of their similarities. It also has limestone and rock formations, but nevertheless, the Gigantes group of islands has it’s own unique charm and beauty that will entice and captivate the heart of each visitor. Gigantes group of islands will make you fall in love the first time you lay your eyes on these beautiful islands, especially “Tangke”, the flagship tourist spot in the group. It has a lagoon that forms within the limestones to make a saltwater swimming pool, another one of God’s amazing creations. This tourist destination has a lot offer; a very nice spot for snorkeling, spelunking, with a picture perfect view of the Sunrise and Sunset. Be amazed! Cabugao island is one of the most beautiful islands in the group and a must visit when you get here! Don’t miss out on taking a photo on top of the cliff as you get an aerial view of this island. It’s truly a picturesque place indeed. It has an absolutely incredible view, surely one of the most beautiful you will ever see! It is my favorite island. A guaranteed WOW experience when you get here because of its unspoiled beaches and the high marine bio-diversity that's available. I have two words for Gigantes islands; “Too Beautiful!!”