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Rhett Paul Gigantes Islands Travel and Tours with a trade mark of GIGANTES ISLAND TOURS AND SERVICES is the only travel agency in Gigantes Islands that owns several boats that made us very reliable in terms of our tour schedule. We've been providing outstanding customer service experience in terms of island hopping tour for years. In addition, we're proud to say that the team of Gigantes Island Tours and Services are composed of ALL LOCALS FROM GIGANTES (From owner, Tour Guides, Cook, office staff to food servers). We know what's best for our clients because we offer a raw experience that could make them fall in love to Isla Gigantes.

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Gigantes Joiners Packages

Gigantes Joiners Packages

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Discover something extraordinary in Isla De Gigantes from the massive, magnificent limestone formations to a natural pool lagoon and pristine white sand beaches. It is a place of superlatives that will leave your mind searching for words to describe it.

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We offer PRIVATE TOURS with guaranteed slots and no tour cancellation because we don't have a minimum headcount required. You can enjoy the daytour or overnight stay without worrying the start and end time of tour adventure. No need to worry about where to stay in Gigantes group of Islands.

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